COVID-19: 9 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Wedding Vendors

Due to the Coronavirus, there are questions you should be asking your wedding vendors due to unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the wedding planning process: 1. What policies do you have in place for clients who reschedule or cancel their wedding?

2. What options do you have available if we decide to do a postponement?

3. In your wedding planning contract, do you have specific clauses pertaining to COVID-19 and what steps your company will be taking to address possible changes regarding events?

4. If not, is this something we can discuss adding due to current circumstances in society?

5. What is your availability in the next few months if we have to reschedule our special day? 6. Are you able to refer us to another vendor who has a similar style as yours if you are unavailable on our new date?

7. If you are available, can our retainer be applied to the date selected?

8. Due to COVID-19, are there any precautionary measures your company will be taking to ensure our safety as well as our guests? 9. If some of our guests are no longer able to attend the wedding and reception, how will a change in head count impact services?

Whether you are looking to reschedule your wedding or are new to the wedding planning process, these are important questions to ask your vendors as you make steps to plan your special day. These questions may also assist you with identifying other areas of concern as you communicate with your vendors and explore different ways to problem solve unforeseeable circumstances.

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