A Day to Remember

This wedding planning package focuses on assisting couples with Day of Coordination. You have everything planned and looking for assistance with execution on your wedding day.

What does this package include?

Weekly Consultations

Weekly Consultations will start 30 days from your event. This will give us the opportunity to discuss tasks that have been completed and remaining items on your to-do list. Our ultimate goal is to assist you with aleviating stress and making sure your wedding is a day to remember.

Wedding Planning Calendar

Each couple will receive a calendar highliting upcoming meetings and deadlines for items remaining on the to-do list such as setting your final fitting, contacting vendors, obtaining your wedding license, and putting together favors.

Timeline of Scheduled Wedding Events

We will create a timeline of scheduled wedding events for the bridal party and vendors to follow on the day of the wedding. The timeline will be a complete breakdown of what will occur on your wedding day from start to finish. For example, the timeline will include start and end times for hair and makeup, vendor arrivals, ceremony, reception, and many other events and activities.

Final Calls to Wedding Vendors

We will contact all of your wedding vendors at least two weeks before your event. By doing this, we will be able to discuss contracts and ensure the vendor has everything in place for your big day. We will also provide vendors with the timeline of scheduled wedding events so that they know what time they should be arriving to the venue and other important areas.

One Hour Ceremony Rehearsal

Ceremony rehearsal typically occurs the day before the wedding. During the ceremony reheharsal, we will assist you and the wedding party with practicing your wedding ceremony. We will assist you with pairing wedding party members for walking down the aisle, deciding how the wedding party will enter, discussing order of events with your officiant and wedding party members.

Coordinate Processional/Recessional Order, Timing, and Spacing

We will also practice the recessional and processional during the rehearsal. We will coordinate the processional order, how wedding party will enter into the ceremony. Timing and spacing is also important so this is something we will asssist with as well to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly.

Detail Set-Up

Before the start of ther wedding ceremony and reception, we will assist with setting up detail items such as signage, flatware, gift box, gift table, and memorial table. Prior to the wedding day, we will discuss how you want each item to look as it relates to your overall theme. It is our job to ensure your vision comes to life.

Coordination and Supervision of Vendors

On the day of the wedding, we will be interacting with all of your vendors. We will communicate with them upon arrival and direct them to the appropriate location for services. We will continue to connect with vendors throuhgout the day and coordinate to make sure each vendor is following the timeline of events. We will provide supervision of all onsite vendors to ensure everything is provided according to contracts.

Up to 10 Hours of Wedding Day Coordination

We will be on-site for the wedding for up to 10 hours. During this time, we will be assiting from start to finish with the wedding day. If additional time is needed, please let us know and we can discuss pricing for extended time.

Emergency Wedding Kit

On the wedding day, there are unforseen cirumstances that can occur. It is our job to assist with eliminating any stress that may come from incidents out of your control. The Emergency Wedding Kit will include items such as: sewing kit, scissors, double-sided fashion tape, super glue, clear nai polish, first aid kit, tissues, hand lotion, lipstick, bobby pins, and other essential items.

Keepsake Pack-Up

At the end of the event, we will help pack-up items such as cards and gifts. We will communciate with you about where you would like for these items to go as the wedding comes to a close. It would be helpful to idenitfy a designated person you would like for these items to go to so we know whose car to place them in to ensure you receive them after the wedding.