Why Hire a Wedding Planner

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Many people often wonder what their wedding day will be like when the time comes. Weddings can definitely be exciting, fun, and a great day to cherish forever as you take your first steps into matrimony. However, just as much as exciting as it can be, it can also be a time of stress. Wedding planners are available to assist with ensuring your most memorable moment is one that will last for a life time. It is important to make sure that your big day runs smoothly and you have a peace of mind as you prepare to walk down the  aisle. Why hire a wedding planner?  There are several reasons to hire a wedding planner for your special day: 


Wedding Planners can assist you with establishing a wedding planning timeline as you prepare for your big day.  A wedding planner can create a timeline of scheduled wedding events for the bridal party and vendors to follow on the day of the wedding. Timelines provide a complete breakdown of what will occur on your wedding day from start to finish. For example, the timeline will include start and end times for hair and makeup, vendor arrivals, ceremony, reception, and many other events and activities that occur on your wedding day. 


When discussing your ultimate vision for your wedding, wedding planners can assist you with identifying a theme and provide you with ideas regarding overall design.  Themes can be romantic, vintage, modern, rustic, bohemian, and so much more. Based on your theme, wedding planners can communicate with you about how you would like for aspects of your wedding and which direction you can go in to execute your overall vision. 

They Can Help with Design Execution


Do you need help staying on task? By having a wedding planner, you also have someone who can assist you with staying on track when preparing for major events such as dress fittings, meeting with vendors, bridal showers and much more. There are many things to do in throughout the planning process. An experienced wedding planner can provide you with a wedding planning checklist focused on tasks that need to be completed by the bride and groom. The wedding-planning checklist highlighting tasks that should be completed leading up to your wedding day. Tasks can be broken down month by month which helps with the minimization of stress. The wedding-planning checklist typically includes tasks such as: make your guest list, select your venue, choose a color theme, start looking for your wedding dress, and take engagement photos.

They Can Help You Stay on Task with a

Wedding Check List


You Will Be Able to Track RSVP's Easier

Once invitations are mailed, RSVPs start rolling back in, and the wedding planner can assist you with keeping track of your headcount and ensuring everyone has a place to sit at the wedding. There are many family members and friends who want to celebrate with you on your special day. By having a wedding planner, collecting RSVPs becomes more streamlined and easier to montior. 


On the day of the wedding, there is so much going on and it can be quite overwhelming to keep track of everything and how it is being executed. Wedding planners take on that responsibility for you and ensure set-up is complete before you walk down the aisle. Day of coordination can be beneficial because it allows you to focus on your wedding and know that your wedding planner is there to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You Will Have Asssitance On Wedding Day


Hiring a wedding planner is also a way to save money for your wedding. Wedding planners typically have preferred vendor lists. A preferred vendor list is a list of vendors recommended who you can work with throughout the wedding planning process.  This list will include vendors such as photographers, bakers, florists, and caterers whereas vendor discounts can also be available depending on services provided. 

Vendor Discounts And Saving Money


Hiring a wedding planner is a great way to alleviate stress as you prepare for your special day. According to Zola, they surveyed 500 couples and found that 96% described the wedding planning process as stressful. 

You Will Experience Less Stress

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